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Land Tour

Visit the western end of the islands where you will find Laura village or go to Laura Beach Park and picnic site. Nearby is the 1918 Typhoon Monument, built in commemoration of the victims who lost there lives in 1981 typhoon that caused 200 casualties & winds pared distraction


Peace Park Memorial 

Located passed the airport towards the western end of the island (Laura Village). This park was built to commemorate those who fought and died in the Pacific during the WWII

*to get to Peach Park & Laura or anywhere on island, you can rent a car from hotels or schedule you adventure with the tourism office (625-5581 or contract our uber service 455-1895/455-1862.

Rental Rates range is from $ 20-$80 USD. *


Local Market

Stop by at our local markets to get fresh islands goods such as varieties of grown crops (papaya, pandanus, taro, bananas, breadfruit, coconuts & more) and recently caught fresh fish from our beautiful waters. (MISCO Market, MALGOV Market, MIMRA Fish Market) 



Majuro has a variety of different restaurants. There are selection for chines, Mexican, Japanese, India, Western, or even Austrian cuisines, then you're in luck because we have it all! Or for something different, try our our local food at several restaurant in town.


Canoe Ride

Waan Aelon in Majol (WAAM)

Learning about Marshallese canoe and sailing. Visit the canoe house 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and you will find several canoe bulders working on various canoe types. Call (692) 625-6123 for an appointment or eamil Web:


Local Design Shops

Get your custom branded Marshallese design snd merchandise such as hats, shirts, mugs, tumbers, key chains, magnets, etc.j(Ez price Mart, Majo Majik Kreations, Marshall Arts Tattoo, and More....



Eneko Escape: Tel (692) 625-6474 (direct 7 miles out of town (by boat), camping snorkeling, picnicking, Etc.  Book your trip with RRE Hotel


Enemanit Getaway:

Take a 10 minute boat ride across the lagoon and enjoy the dive scene or sandy beach of Enemanit Island. Traditional shelter & Bar space is also available for group events. Schedule your trip with PII at 625-3122. or email 


Arno Excursion

Just about 45 minuts to an hour by boat lies the beautiful island of Arno where untouched, pristine, white sandy beach and worm turquoise water awaits. Contact: +692-455-3033 

The BBQ Shack

try our Majuro's favorite barbeque just pass the Majuro bridge (western part going to Long-Island.) Get your hot off the grill every Monday-Satureay between 10am -3pm


Alele Museum

Stop by the Alele Museum and learn about our ancient culture and history. Enjoy display of original woven fish traps, clothing, tools, canoes, historic photos of Bravo testing in Bikini Atoll and more

Open Monday to Friday 5pm. 


Handicraft & Souvenir 

Marshalles handicrafts are know to be the finest in the Pacific. Handicraft shops can be easily found around Majuro. ( Happy Hands, Elefa, Leipajid, Tourist Trap and shops at the airport. 

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