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Miss Marshall Islands


The purpose of the “Miss Marshall Islands” Pageant serves to recognize and promote the attributes, intelligence and talents of young Marshallese women. Inspired by regional pageants such as the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant, the “Miss Marshall Islands” Pageant will empower our young women to build self-confidence, becoming role models and be a voice to affect positive change within their community. The pageant can be viewed as a tool to instill and develop characteristics such as leadership skills, self-confidence, poise and strong public speaking skills, to name a few. It is the vision of the Pageant that a young woman between the ages of 17 to 26 is selected from each respective Atoll to participate in the local competition to determine which Atoll will represent the Marshall Islands in the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant. The “Miss Marshall Islands” Pageant will place high priority on the importance of getting involved within the local community and giving back through volunteer work, fundraising and advocating a platform or social issue.  The winning contestant will be the public figure for the Marshall Islands both on the domestic and international stage, providing an opportunity to create worldwide awareness under Marshall Islands ‘Be Marshallese, Buy Marshallese’ Campaign, prompting interests in Marshall Islands tourism, cultural heritage and investment opportunities.

A collaborative initiative by The Office of the President, Ministry of Natural Resources & Commerce (NRC), Office of Commerce, Investment & Tourism (OCIT), Kora in Okrane (KIO) and Mejedrik.

Miss Marshall Islands Contestants 2019

Miss Marshall Islands Contestants 2023


Miss Marshall Islands 2019
Billma Peter

Miss Marshall Islands 2023
Claret Chong Gum

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