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One Island One Products


One Product exhibition and competition, where each atoll had the opportunity to display their best and most unique product at the May Day event.

One Island One Product winners include:

  • Beauty Product: 1. Namu Atoll

  • Food Product: 1. Ebon Atoll

  • Fashion Accessory: 1. Utrik Atoll  2. Lae Atoll  3. Namdrik Atoll

  • Home Decor: 1. Wotje Atoll  2. Ailuk Atoll  3. Likiep Atoll

The Ministry of NRC also know as Ministry of Natural Resource and Commerce, is the primary government organization responsible for Agriculture, Energy, Trade and Investment in the Marshall Islands, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce will promote and assist the development of these sectors in a sustainable and productive manner, through activities which foster sustainable food production, provide alternative energy resources and income-generating opportunities for the people of the Marshall Islands.  Respect for the environment will be a top priority and special focus will be given to the outer island communities in developing their agricultural, energy and economic sectors.

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